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Age groups, Routines &

Rotherly Nursery is an all year round, registered day care setting for children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. The nursery is situated in a new, purpose-built facility that provides excellent indoor and outdoor learning environments in a secure and self-contained setting. The Nursery is led by an experienced Nursery Manager and provides a warm and welcoming environment. High quality care and learning is organised in two age based rooms:

Rainbows  15 place room: 3 months to 2 years (Ratio: 1:3)
Caterpillars 16 place room: 2 to 3 years (Ratio: 1:4) 
Butterflies - 24 place room: 3 to 5 years (Ratio: 1:8)​

In addition to excellent facilities in the nursery, children also have access to other facilities and activities on the neighbouring Westgate site including cooking and Physical Education in the Lower School as well as access to the school’s purpose designed grounds and playing fields.

Personal care routines

Children in nappies are changed, when required, and at regular intervals throughout the day. Parents and carers provide nappies, wipes and creams for their child. The nursery team apply a factor 50 sun cream, when necessary. Parents and carers are asked to provide a sun cream for their child, if they have a special requirement.

Toilet training starts at home, however, the key person and nursery team will support and advise parents and carers through the process. Of course, we ask for many changes of clothing during this phase! Once your child is interested with their own care routines, independence is encouraged with direct access to toileting and hand washing facilities.


Our garden and outdoor learning environment


The nursery has a courtyard and a large garden area on our immediate site. The garden is comprised of an all-weather surface, grassed areas and hard landscaping. A large range of activities and equipment, including an outdoor playhouse, mud kitchen, construction and water areas, are available to offer fun learning opportunities to explore the wider environment and suit the needs of each unique child. The nursery also enjoys the wider environment, including local parks or the railway and we are regular explorers of the neighbouring Westgate School campus.

The Rainbow Room

Our Rainbow children begin their learning journey within a welcoming, cosy and adaptable environment. Our experienced and well qualified team follow the young babies’ care and daily routines ensuring a smooth transition from home to nursery for both babies and their parents or carers. This supports the babies during their formative years to be interested, independent and resilient to explore and discover their world.

The Rainbow room, which is occupied by up to 15 children between 3 months and 2 years, has its own designated and secure garden area to play in and explore. They are offered time outside every day, weather permitting. The young children can access the rest of the nursery’s outdoor areas affording opportunity to interact with other nursery children and colleagues within our team.



When the children are ready to move to the Caterpillar room, the team leaders and key person will plan and discuss the readiness of the transition and arrange familiarising visits to prepare for the actual transition date. Parents or carers are invited to discuss the transition plan and be informed throughout the process. Parents and carers are also offered a tour of the Caterpillar room to meet the new team and ask any questions to be equipped for their child’s next learning stage.


Meals are served in the shared area dining room or outside (weather and interest permitting), where a selection of seating arrangements are available to suit the age and stage relevant to individual requirements. Our meals consist of a morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea. Please see the Catering section or nursery reception area for more details.

Sleeping facilities within the Rainbow room is relevant to age and stage of development. Younger babies sleep in traditional large coach built prams within our safe and secure garden. The older babies (who usually sleep once a day) will sleep after their lunch in our sensory room, where they are snug in special resting mats with blankets and their own comforters.

The Caterpillar Room

The learning journey in the Caterpillar room continues by enjoying free flow play, both indoors and outdoors, in a flexible and spacious environment. We have up to 16 children aged between 2 – 3 years old in our Caterpillar room. The toddler age is full of wonder and exploration which is supported by the opportunities for child initiated play within our nursery environment. A variety of activities, such as creative and imaginary play, physical exploration, songs and rhymes, are offered within the children’s own routines and interests to support learning and growth. The children also have opportunities to play with all age groups during the day.

Meals are provided three times a day and consists of a morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea. Morning snack and afternoon tea is served within the Caterpillar room, or outside (weather permitting). Lunch is served within our shared area dining room. Please see the Catering section or nursery reception area for more details.

Sleep time is within the Caterpillar room and usually follows the children’s lunch.  All children are given the opportunity to rest or sleep for at least ½ an hour to support their physical needs and recharge their energy. Caterpillar children rest and sleep on mats with blankets and offered quiet activities on awakening.

During the term prior to their transition, the Caterpillar children are invited into the Butterfly room for familiarising visits. Parents or carers are invited to discuss the transition plan and be informed throughout the process. Parents and carers are offered a tour of the Butterfly room to meet the new team, and discuss the needs and requirements for their child’s next stage of their learning journey

The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly room is a spacious and adaptable environment for up to 24 children aged between 3 – 5 years. A wide variety of learning opportunities are cultivated from the children’s interests in the Butterfly room which link to learning through play, the Early Years Foundation Stage and also supports the development of independence skills and school readiness. The Butterfly children are also offered opportunities throughout the Westgate campus such as school library visits, gymnasium and creative projects. The combination of these play and learning opportunities greatly support the children transitions into the Reception year at ‘big school’. 

Meals, which are a sociable time, consist of a morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea, are provided throughout the day. The morning snack and afternoon tea is available within the Butterfly room and lunch is served in the shared area dining room. The children play an active role within meal preparation, serving and clearing through meal times. 

Sleep and resting provision suits the age, stage and requirements of the pre-school aged children. Soft mats are available for sleeping or resting children alongside quiet activities, either indoors or outdoors, for those children who do not need to sleep.

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